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ProductsRongde experts and technicians have developed some new products and/or new models through constant

Decorative Perforated MetalMade of metal plates perforated with various designs with good permeability and decorative effects. Mainly used for decoration of doors and windows, panels, elevator cabinets, stand, shelf...More

Perforated Metal for ConstructionAngle bead is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The extending wings of the angle bead can be combined with the plaster firmly together to form smooth...More

Perforated Metal for SafetyMainly used in highway guardrail, sports field fence, the road green belt protection, fencing of the agricultural test sites and screening of small ore, etc....More

Guard for Machinery and Electrical AppliancesOur products are also ideal choice for guarding and protection of many facilities and stuff, for example, lamps shielding, storage lockers and industrial containers....More

Perforated Metal for FiltrationPerforated metal can be used in filters to support the filter media. It can be processed into the forms of tube, cylinder, sheet and conical as filter mesh, ilter cartridge, cylinder or filters for filtration in petroleum, chemical, food and pharmacy. ...More

Further Processed ProductsPerforated metal can be used in machine screening sheet, microphone, enclosure and silencer, filtration, also stainless steel fruit baskets, food cover, fruit tray, shelves and barbecue in the kitchen, etc. ...More

Expanded Corner BeadExpanded Corner Bead is designed to provide strong corner reinforcement for conventional plaster applications. A solid metal nose provides a straight, rigid ground and the flanges can be easily flexed over irregular...More

Brickwork Reinforcement MeshReinforced brickwork mesh is preferable to un-reinforced brickwork in all types of building. When embedded into the normal thickness of a brickwork-joint at every third joint, it forms an integral structure...More

Wall Plaster MeshThis kind of expanded metals are widely used in many plaster project, susch as high-rise construction, civic building, workshop and so on. And it has the advantage of strong adhesive force, crack resistance...More

FencingExpanded metal used in fencing has the propety of high strenghth, durality, beatiful appearance, wide view, easy for maintenance, and it can be produced in a multitude of pattern sizes...More

Machine And Device GuardsMachine and device guards are high risks area that are easily secured by the expanded metal and also offer a free flow of air for areas where ventilation is needed. ...More

FiltrationExpanded metal widely used in filtrations can play an important part in sustaining the other filter media, and it prossess more appplication in filtration in the form of tubes, cylinders,panels.conical shapes. ...More

Other ApplicationExpanded metal is everywhere! Expanded metal widely used in medicine, breeding, battery, satellite antenna etc except what we describe above....More

Steel Bar GratingThe serrated steel bar grating is made of serrated bearing bar and cross rods. They placed horizontally and vertically, and at an equal pitch apart...More

StandardThe pressed welded steel/bar grating is made of bearing bar and cross rods. They placed horizontally and vertically, and at an equal pitch apart, by welding with 200ton hydraulic resistance automatic welding equipment...More

Press Locked Steel The press locked steel/bar grating is made of bearing bars, they placed horizontally and vertically, then cutting punching and handing ends....More

Stair Treads1) Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel 2) Bearing bar specification: 20 x 3mm to 90 x 7mm 3) Bearing bar pitch: 12. 5mm, 25mm, 30mm, 33. 5mm, 37. 5mm, 40mm, 50mm & 60mm ...More